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Robert Fountila, D.O.



Hospitals Presence Covenant Medical Center
Presence United Samaritans Medical Center
Years in practice 17
Languages spoken English
Board certifications Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology
Education University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, Pennsylvania (Fellowship)
Extended/Weekend Hours Evening and weekend hours Handicap Accessible Handicap accessible Convenient Parking Convenient parking
Office 1
22 Roulston Rd.
Windham, NH 03087
Ph 866.442.5956
Fax 603.212.9333


Office 2
812 N. Logan Ave.
Danville, IL 61832
Ph 217.443.5245
Fax 217.431.5594


Office 3
1400 W. Park St.
Urbana, IL 61801


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